Renraku Computer Systems

Renraku America

Headquarters: Manhattan, NY (UCAS) (formerly the Renraku Arcology in Seattle)

Manager: Dr. Sherman Huang

Major Subsidiaries:

Adams-Westlake Mediaworks

Realizm Simulations

National Trideo Network and Paradigm Pictures

Architectural Dynamics

Armada Personnel

Champion Financial Group

Globank and Temperance Investments


Festival Foods


Iris Firmware

Najima Securities

Headquartered in ChibaJapan, is the fifth largest corporation in the world, and the third largest corporation in Japan. As the name implies, its business core is computer technology, especially memory storage and databases. Since it acquired one of the Corporate Court's original founders, Keruba International, Renraku permanently seats a representative on the Corporate Court.

The Renraku Red Samurai are its internal security forces.

Renraku Computer Systems

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