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Man, magic, and machine… the lines are all blurred now. The world changed, and New Seattle has found three new souls to add to its neon glow.

Gypsy is running from something she'd rather not talk about, but it's clear that she's been in the drek, you can see it in her posture. She's good with a rifle, and her body moves with military training.

Sway, an attractive elf with a charismatic personality, doesn't talk about his past. He smells like a trust-fund-baby, and his nose might be a little high in the air, but he knows his shit when it comes to magic in the sixth world. Besides his past, it's the one thing he doesn't brag about, .

Nick is running from his memories. Only he can't hide from himself, which makes him the most tragic of the three. He had the good life, the education, and distinguished military career. But what do medals mean when weighed against the lives of the innocent?

They've come together under the employ of Ares Macrotechnology, the lead consultants for a High Threat Response team, and  babysitting some scientists overseeing some new development in cyber-bionics called Project 404. However, a recent cyber intrusion has put their cushy corp job in jeopardy.

After getting their asses chewed off and spit back out by the high ups, they head out to the streets with rumbling stomachs. It's 2 a.m. and there is only one place to go when the sun's that close to rising, the place everyone loves to hate… Stuffer Shack.

Home Page

Blood in Seattle caeads