Ares Macrotechnology

Headquarters: Detroit

Important Figures

  • Damien Knight: president/CEO, chairman of the board
  • Karen King: division head of Ares Seattle

Noteworthy Subsidiaries

  • General Motors
  • Knight Errant Security
  • Weapons World

Ares Macrotechnology, run by Damien Knight and headquartered in DetroitMichiganUCAS, is the seventh largest corporation in the world, the largest in the UCAS, and the current leader in the defenseand aerospace industries. Its five main divisions are AresSpace, Ares Global Entertainment, Ares Arms, Knight Errant Security Services, and General Motors.

In 2057, Damien Knight (through Ares) helped back Dunkelzahn's bid for UCAS President with funds, publicity (through Ares Global Entertainment), and lobbying. We all know how that turned out for the Big D.


Ares Macrotechnology

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